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Frequently Asked Questions

David and Lea.
Photo by: Karen Foye of Foye Photography

What is the cost of a ceremony and what does it include?

The cost for a ceremony generally starts at around $400.00. Other fees may apply such at travel fees and time, logistics, customer specifications, and the time of season. All music for the ceremony is included such as processional and recessional and anything during. Preludes and extra recessional music may be added if needed.

Will the musicians be the same as on our sample CD?

Yes. David and Lea have been performing together for many years. We also have permanent Substitute musicians who fill in when a regular member is unav ailable for an engagement. This guarantees that all events go smoothly as all of our musicians have performed at hundreds of events and have many years of professional experience. We of course, will let you know that in advance.

What do the musicians wear?

Black concert dress for women and either a tuxedo or a dark suit for men.

Will the musicians perform with my friend/cousin/church organist/soloist?

Absolutely. As experienced, professional musicians, we are accustomed to working in a variety of situations. We are flexible and able to accommodate particular requirements of each event to make it memorable and unique.

Do the musicians go to the rehearsal dinner?

Generally this is not necessary as we coordinate in advance with officiates, coordinators, members of the wedding party, and others, but if the musicians are requested at the rehearsal dinner then this may be arranged for a fee.

I'd like music for the reception as well...

Two of Us is also available as full-service DJs for the latter half of the reception. They have the equipment and musical knowledge to be the perfect DJs for your reception.

Can you explain further any other fees that may occur besides the fee for the ceremony?

Unfortunately, Rising fuel costs have led to charging additional travel fees. A travel fee of 20 cents per mile may apply. We also have to charge for travel time if the location is more than an hour and a half away. Travel charges run $50.00 per extra hour travel time. Many locations require garage parking. There would also be a fee for any parking expenses as well. Time of season may change rates. Demand for the duo increases in the warmer months. Contact Lea Botta thru our e mail address to get a more accurate price quote.

Is the Duo available to perform the cocktail hour and/or any of the reception portion of the event?

Two Of Us is also available to perform live music at your cocktail or reception. We perform a variety of music and do offer discounted rates when booked for more than 2 hours or for a ceremony and cocktail hour combined. Lea Botta is also available to MC and we do offer DJ services should you want recorded music at your event.

How do you go about picking music for a ceremony and can you help?

We can make that process as simple as possible. With over 10 years experience we know exactly how to plan the music for a ceremony and any details that go with that. We also supply a guide sheet for every client to give them some extra help. There is no charge for consulting or helping plan music. We are happy to help plan music for all our clients.

Can you perform any requests or work with a vocalist?

We are able to perform and arrange most any requests for flute and guitar. Several weeks leeway may be needed to find the necessary music and a fee may be charged if the music has to be purchased. We are always happy to work with additional musicians. Lea Botta is also available for vocals at an additional charge.

How do we officially book the duo?

It is easy to book the Duo. We do require a signed contract to confirm booking. This protects our clients as well as us. There is no deposit required. Payment is due 2 weeks before the event happens. Once I have all the needed info I will send you two copies of the contract. Sign one and send one back and your booking is confirmed.

Is there a cancellation fee if your services may not be needed?

Yes, we do have a cancellation policy of 120 days. Otherwise half of our fee quoted in our contract will be due. This allows us time to re-book that date if sufficient time is given.

How much room will you need for set-up and will you require any additional equipment at the location? When will you arrive for set-up?

Two Of Us generally arrive an hour prior for set-up. We are self contained and have a few different set-ups for different types of events. All we need at the location is 2 chairs and an outlet to plug into for amplification. Our set-up does not take much room indoors or outdoors. We always carry 400 feet of extension cords and do have the option of battery power.

Do you have an extra microphone for the officiant or any speakers? Can you play recorded music if there is a special request for that?

We always have an extra microphone and mic stand if anyone needs it. It is best to arrange with us beforehand. We do have the ability to play recorded music thru your PA system, much as a DJ would.

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